I make lots of stories, some of them which I finished, though others are still in-the-making. I hope you have fun reading as much fun as I had writing them!~ God bless and have a nice day!

! Quick Announcement/PSA: I will be transferring my stories that have comics to my other site, Starry Night Comics. If any of my followers have already liked the posts, I’m sorry. You can still like them again in the new wordpress site. !

Samurai Soul
Samurai Soul: Guardian
Samurai Soul: Gothic Blade Outlaw
Samurai Soul: Mask of Justice

Slice of Life

-Vol. 1 Friends-
[My] Spring is Here
She is My Prince
The Samurai and the Cherry Blossom
Through Rose-Tinted Glasses

-Vol. 2 Love-
A Stroll with Teacher
Pochi? Hachiko? Pochiko!
Moonlight Cafe | Sunny Garden | Star-lit Ocean

-Vol. 3 Death-
The Rainy Day Boy

-A Year’s Drop-
01 I’m Momoko, And He’s an Ossan

Fairy Tales: For the Young at Heart
The Crystal Mask
Down the Rabbit Hole
The Star Maker
How Twilight and Dawn Came To Be
Ecila the Witch
The Origin of Snowflakes
Dreams of the Sea
The Baker and His Children
Fallen Star
The Souls in the Sword

Fairy Tales: For the Young at Heart II (WIP)
The Epitome of Rain and Thunderstorms
Shrimp Cake
Dragonov’s Present
Mozzy the Peculiar Cheese Girl
Keepers Of The Rainbow
The Wiccan Kitchen

The Dream Realm
01 The Shop of Dreams
02 The Little Dream
03 Dreamscape
04 Star Drop
05 Dreams of Star Drops
06 Star Harvesters
07 The Sea of Stars
08 Dreams Are Made Of…
09 The End Of A Dream

Blanc Black
01 The Wayward Angel
02 Almost Human
03 Blanc Black Cafe
04 Haven For The Lost
05 Confessions
06 The River of Fate Always Flows
07 The Devil’s Crisis

Sweet Stories for Dessert Lovers/Amegatari/(O)Kashigatari (WIP title and stories. been a while hasn’t it? this might actually be Hiragana and Katakana practice for me (and maybe the reader too) OvO)
Sweet Sisters
Pie = 3.14
Sugarville Field Trip
Licorice’s Lament
Mind Your Sugar Levels

Tales of Halloween (R15+: Violent and scary descriptions)
The Cottage in the Woods
The Mansion of Hilldale Drive
The Crayon World
Phobia Ring
Legend of The Weeping Willow
The Resident Mage
The Sin Journal
Into The Other World
A Night In The Music Room
Nightmarish Revoir
Pumpkin Head
The Garden of Skulls
Soul Carnival

Tales of Christmas
Atelier Stella

Tales of Easter

Tales of Valentine’s

Tales of Seasons

Tales From The Forest Of One Hundred Flowers
Picnic In The Forest

Nevermore Tales
The Redvelvets
Strange Elise
Rosie Death

Minute Horrors (R18+: Violence)
02 Honest
03 Sleep
04 An Ordinary Day
05 みきと
06 The Red Garden
07 The Kitchen
08 404
09 The Nightmare’s Dream
10 Behind The Bookshelf
11 Florindelle De Vanagloria
12 ___ _________ ______
13 All’s Well That Ends In a Well

01 Pixellette
02 2D
03 3D
04 R.T.O (Based on where i work last time)

Pick-Your-Own-Adventure Story Games (under construction)
College Life: Connections

Script Form
Ward-Off Sprays are for Pests (Special One-Shot for Samurai Soul)
I am going to rewrite this.

WIP Stories
-Delinquents x Girls
-Project Outcast
-Mary Had Little Lambs
-ASDF (Alien Special Defense Force)



  1. You should put a link to your poetry blog on your sidebar. 🙂 Great list! Clever to put a content post with link. Is it sticky? Will it always be first?

    • First of all, thank you! And that’s a great idea! Okay! I’ll link my sites using the sidebar!
      I’ve set static pages for both my stories & poems, so it will stay like that. Then I just link whatever new works I have & update those static pages for easy navigation!

      • That’s a great idea, I like it. I use pages to create content lists on the menu. But the static “home” page is a good idea, too. I know how much work that is! Whew!

    • I’ve put a link to my other websites/blogs on my sidebar as you suggested. It was neater that way!

      • Excellent! Your blog is looking great!

      • Thank you miss Harsham! I’m getting motivated to make lots of stories!

      • Yeah! It’s such fun to write.

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